Frequently asked questions

What is PreprintJC @ AcademicKarma?

Preprint JC is a web platform for sharing journal club reviews of preprints. It is built on the same platform used by Academic Karma, which is a peer-review network and platform for content-open preprint peer-review.

PreprintJC lets you upload a journal club peer review and share it with the preprint author. You can also choose when you want to make the review publicly visible, if at all.

PreprintJC helps you keep a central record of all the preprint reviews carried out by the journal club.

Can authors use PreprintJC to reply to reviews?

Yes, authors are encouraged replying to the reviews point by point. This response is then displayed together with the peer-review.

When is the review content made publicly visible?

When you upload the review, you can specify whether you want the review content to be private (only visible to journal club members and author), or public. You can also specify that you would like to keep it private until the author has responsed to the comments, or that you would like to keep it private for a specified amount of time before becoming public.

Do we have to sign the review?

Although we encourage journal clubs to sign their reviews, if necessary it is possible to remain anonymous. However, in this case the review will not be shown on your journal club review overview page.

How can I find a good preprint to present at journal club

Check out our preprint themes to see if there are any relevant themes which you can follow. Otherwise you can make a new theme. When you make a new theme with specific keywords.

Are there other resources available to help me setup a preprint journal club

There are very good list of resources available via the ASAPbio preprintJC working group