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Insights into the molecular changes associated with postnatal human brain development: an integrated transcriptomics and proteomics study M. S. Breen...
S. Bahn
13th Sep 2017 5
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The Impact of In-Scanner Head Motion on Structural Connectivity Derived from Diffusion Tensor Imaging G. L. Baum...
T. D. Satterthwaite
7th Sep 2017 49
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Dynamic patterns of cortical expansion during folding of the preterm human brain K. E. Garcia...
P. V. Bayly
7th Sep 2017 17
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Using DNase Hi-C techniques to map global and local three-dimensional genome architecture at high resolution W. Ma...
Z. Duan
5th Sep 2017 22
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Local and global chromatin interactions are altered by large genomic deletions associated with human brain development Y. Zhang...
A. Urban
31st Aug 2017 21
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