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Preprint Authors Date Altmetric Reviews & Comments Actions
Pleiotropy in enhancer function is encoded through diverse genetic architectures E. P. Noon...
N. Frankel
14th Sep 2017 16
Review Bookmark
Quantification of frequency-dependent genetic architectures and action of negative selection in 25 UK Biobank traits A. Schoech...
A. L. Price
13th Sep 2017 11
Review Bookmark
Comparison of GWAS models to identify non-additive genetic control of flowering time in sunflower hybrids F. Bonnafous...
B. Mangin
13th Sep 2017 2
Review Bookmark
Exome chip meta-analysis elucidates the genetic architecture of rare coding variants in smoking and drinking behavior D. J. Liu...
S. Vrieze
12th Sep 2017 9
Review Bookmark
Genome-Wide Association Studies Identify 15 Genetic Markers Associated with Marmite Taste Preference T. Roos...
K. Grimaldi
7th Sep 2017 259
Review Bookmark
GWAS meta-analysis (N=279,930) identifies new genes and functional links to intelligence J. E. Savage...
D. Posthuma
6th Sep 2017 343
Review Bookmark
GWAS Meta-Analysis of Neuroticism (N=449,484) Identifies Novel Genetic Loci and Pathways M. Nagel...
D. Posthuma
5th Sep 2017 100
Review Bookmark
Identifying Pleiotropic Effects: A Two-Stage Approach Using Genome-Wide Association Meta-Analysis Data X. Chen, Y. Hsu, 5th Sep 2017 7
Review Bookmark
Genetic architectures of larval pigmentation and color pattern in the redheaded pine sawfly (Neodiprion lecontei) C. Linnen...
C. Lindstedt
3rd Sep 2017 23
Review Bookmark
Semi-Parametric Covariate-Modulated Local False Discovery Rate For Genome-Wide Association Studies R. Zablocki...
W. Thompson
31st Aug 2017 4
Review Bookmark
Discovering genetic interactions bridging pathways in genome-wide association studies G. Fang...
C. L. Myers
30th Aug 2017 22
Review Bookmark
Elucidating the genetic architecture of reproductive ageing in the Japanese population M. Horikoshi...
J. Perry
30th Aug 2017 5
Review Bookmark
Genetic Architecture of Subcortical Brain Structures in Over 40,000 Individuals Worldwide C. L. Satizabal...
M. A. Ikram
28th Aug 2017 114
Review Bookmark
Developmental changes within the genetic architecture of social communication behaviour: A multivariate study of genetic variance in unrelated individuals B. S. Pourcain...
G. D. Smith
23rd Aug 2017 9.5
Review Bookmark
Genome-wide association study of habitual physical activity in over 277,000 UK Biobank participants identifies novel variants and genetic correlations with chronotype and obesity-related traits. Y. C. Klimentidis...
S. B. Going
22nd Aug 2017 25
Review Bookmark
The genetic basis of human brain structure and function: 1,262 genome-wide associations found from 3,144 GWAS of multimodal brain imaging phenotypes from 9,707 UK Biobank participants L. Elliott...
S. Smith
21st Aug 2017 95
Review Bookmark
The functional and genetic associations of neuroimaging data: a toolbox Z. Liu...
J. Feng
20th Aug 2017 16
Review Bookmark
Sex-biased gene expression resolves sexual conflict through the evolution of sex-specific genetic architecture A. E. Wright...
J. E. Mank
16th Aug 2017 11
Review Bookmark
Large-Scale cognitive GWAS Meta-analysis Reveals Tissue-Specific Neural Expression and Potential Nootopic Drug Targets M. Lam...
T. Lencz
16th Aug 2017 12
Review Bookmark
An atlas of genetic associations in UK Biobank O. Canela-Xandri...
A. Tenesa
16th Aug 2017 102
Review Bookmark