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Accurate Genomic Prediction Of Human Height L. Lello...
S. D. H. Hsu
18th Sep 2017 105
Review Bookmark
A survey of DNA methylation polymorphism identifies environmentally responsive co-regulated networks of epigenetic variation in the human genome P. Garg...
A. J. Sharp
15th Sep 2017 3
Review Bookmark
Quantification of frequency-dependent genetic architectures and action of negative selection in 25 UK Biobank traits A. Schoech...
A. L. Price
13th Sep 2017 8
Review Bookmark
Heritable variation in bleaching responses and its functional genomic basis in reef-building corals (Orbicella faveolata) K. Dziedzic...
E. Meyer
10th Sep 2017 7
Review Bookmark
Polygenic selection underlies evolution of human brain structure and behavioral traits E. R. Beiter...
L. K. Davis
9th Sep 2017 31
Review Bookmark
Or22 allelic variation alone does not explain differences in discrimination of yeast-produced volatiles by D. melanogaster C. Elya...
M. Eisen
7th Sep 2017 27
Review Bookmark
Semi-Parametric Covariate-Modulated Local False Discovery Rate For Genome-Wide Association Studies R. Zablocki...
W. Thompson
31st Aug 2017 4
Review Bookmark
Exome sequencing and genotyping identify a rare variant in NLRP7 gene associated with ulcerative colitis. A. Onoufriadis...
N. Prescott
29th Aug 2017 4
Review Bookmark
Network Architecture and Mutational Sensitivity of the C. elegans Metabolome L. M. Johnson...
C. F. Baer
28th Aug 2017 3
Review Bookmark
The genetic basis of human brain structure and function: 1,262 genome-wide associations found from 3,144 GWAS of multimodal brain imaging phenotypes from 9,707 UK Biobank participants L. Elliott...
S. Smith
21st Aug 2017 95
Review Bookmark
Ninety-nine independent genetic loci influencing general cognitive function include genes associated with brain health and structure (N = 280,360) G. Davies...
I. J. Deary
17th Aug 2017 468
Review Bookmark
An atlas of genetic associations in UK Biobank O. Canela-Xandri...
A. Tenesa
16th Aug 2017 103
Review Bookmark
Estimation of complex effect-size distributions using summary-level statistics from genome-wide association studies across 32 complex traits and implications for the future Y. Zhang...
N. Chatterjee
11th Aug 2017 40
Review Bookmark
Genomic dissection of bipolar disorder and schizophrenia including 28 subphenotypes P. B. D. W. Group...
K. Kendler
8th Aug 2017 45
Review Bookmark
Unexpected mixed-mode transmission and moderate genetic regulation of Symbiodinium communities in a brooding coral K. Quigley...
B. Willis
8th Aug 2017 2
Review Bookmark
116 independent genetic variants influence the neuroticism personality trait in over 329,000 UK Biobank individuals. M. Luciano...
I. J. Deary
28th Jul 2017 63
Review Bookmark
Science's Big Problem, Reincarnation's Big Potential, and Buddhists' Profound Embarrassment 21st Jul 2017 NA
Review Bookmark
Identification of 55,000 Replicated DNA Methylation QTL A. McRae...
G. W. Montgomery
21st Jul 2017 13
Review Bookmark
Measurement Error Correction of Genome-Wide Polygenic Scores in Prediction Samples E. M. Tucker-Drob, 19th Jul 2017 19
Review Bookmark
The genetics of the human face: identification of large effect single gene variants D. J. Crouch...
W. F. Bodmer
18th Jul 2017 49
Review Bookmark