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Identifying structural variants using linked-read sequencing data R. Elyanow...
B. J. Raphael
18th Sep 2017 21
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Targeting individual cells by barcode in pooled sequence libraries N. Ranu...
P. C. Blainey
20th Aug 2017 7
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Improved de novo Genome Assembly: Synthetic long read sequencing combined with optical mapping produce a high quality mammalian genome at relatively low cost D. Mohr...
A. Scott
18th Apr 2017 77
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Dense And Accurate Whole-Chromosome Haplotyping Of Individual Genomes D. Porubsky...
T. Marschall
10th Apr 2017 16
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Surfing on protein waves: proteophoresis as a mechanism for bacterial genome partitioning. J. Walter...
R. Geniet
27th Feb 2017 2
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LRSim: a Linked Reads Simulator generating insights for better genome partitioning R. Luo...
M. Schatz
27th Jan 2017 21
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ARCS: Assembly Roundup by Chromium Scaffolding S. Yeo...
I. Birol
18th Jan 2017 32
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