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BacilloFlex: A modular DNA assembly toolkit for Bacillus subtilis synthetic biology N. Wicke...
C. E. French
6th Sep 2017 3
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Flux-dependent graphs for metabolic networks. M. Beguerisse-Dí...
M. Barahona
17th Aug 2017 8
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Nanopore sequencing enables near-complete de novo assembly of Saccharomyces cerevisiae reference strain CEN.PK113-7D A. N. Salazar...
T. Abeel
14th Aug 2017 54
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System-level studies of a cell-free transcription-translation platform for metabolic engineering Y. Y. Wu...
R. M. Murray
3rd Aug 2017 10
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Rapid and scalable preparation of bacterial lysates for cell-free gene expression A. Didovyk...
J. Hasty
12th Jul 2017 4
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Long-term adaptive evolution of genomically recoded Escherichia coli T. M. Wannier...
G. M. Church
12th Jul 2017 35
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Improving Designer Glycan Production in Escherichia coli through Model-Guided Metabolic Engineering J. A. Wayman...
J. Varner
8th Jul 2017 4
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Rapid, parallel identification of pathways for catabolism of lignin-derived aromatic compounds J. H. Cecil, J. Michener, 7th Jul 2017 4
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A Van-Der-Waals picture for metabolic networks from MaxEnt modeling: inherent bistability and elusive coexistence. D. D. Martino 4th Jul 2017 1
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Molecular structures enumeration and virtual screening in the chemical space with RetroPath2.0 M. Koch...
J. Faulon
3rd Jul 2017 2
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RetroPath2.0: A retrosynthesis workflow for metabolic engineers B. Del├ępine...
J. Faulon
29th Jun 2017 6
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Genetic-metabolic coupling for targeted metabolic engineering S. Cardinale...
M. O. A. Sommer
28th Jun 2017 3
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Metabolic engineering of Escherichia coli for production of valerenadiene S. E. Nybo...
S. P. McCormick
9th Jun 2017 2
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Cameo: A Python Library for Computer Aided Metabolic Engineering and Optimization of Cell Factories J. Cardoso...
N. Sonnenschein
9th Jun 2017 20
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Enhanced Guide-RNA Design And Targeting Analysis For Precise CRISPR Genome Editing Of Single And Consortia Of Industrially Relevant And Non-Model Organisms B. Mendoza, C. T. Trinh, 18th May 2017 12
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Rational Design Of RNA Structures That Predictably Tune Eukaryotic Gene Expression T. Weenink...
T. Ellis
14th May 2017 6
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Evolution Of Hierarchy In Bacterial Metabolic Networks A. Goodman, M. Feldman, 9th May 2017 4
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Constraint-based inverse modeling of metabolic networks: a proof of concept. D. D. Martino, A. D. Martino 27th Apr 2017 2
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Predicting Novel Metabolic Pathways Through Subgraph Mining A. Sankar...
K. Raman
4th Apr 2017 11
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Novel Plasmodium falciparum metabolic network reconstruction identifies shifts associated with clinical antimalarial resistance M. A. Carey...
J. Guler
23rd Mar 2017 12
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