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METHimpute: Imputation-guided construction of complete methylomes from WGBS data A. S. Taudt...
M. C. Tatche
18th Sep 2017 11
Review Bookmark
Telomere repeats induce domains of H3K27 methylation in Neurospora K. Jamieson...
E. U. Selker
15th Sep 2017 1
Review Bookmark
A survey of DNA methylation polymorphism identifies environmentally responsive co-regulated networks of epigenetic variation in the human genome P. Garg...
A. J. Sharp
15th Sep 2017 3
Review Bookmark
Data quality of Whole Genome Bisulfite Sequencing on Illumina platforms A. Raine...
J. Nordlund
14th Sep 2017 3
Review Bookmark
Dose-dependency of heterochromatin domains reveals subtelomeric structuration in budding yeast A. Hocher...
A. Taddei
14th Sep 2017 2
Review Bookmark
Systematic Mendelian randomization framework elucidates hundreds of genetic loci which may influence disease through changes in DNA methylation levels T. G. Richardson...
G. Hemani
14th Sep 2017 6
Review Bookmark
Epigenome-associated phenotypic acclimatization to ocean acidification in a reef-building coral Y. J. Liew...
M. Aranda
13th Sep 2017 2
Review Bookmark
The FACT complex is required for DNA demethylation at heterochromatin during reproduction in Arabidopsis J. Frost...
R. L. Fischer
12th Sep 2017 7
Review Bookmark
Methylation-To-Expression Feature Models of Breast Cancer Accurately Predict Overall Survival, Distant-Recurrence Free Survival, And Pathologic Complete Response in Multiple Cohorts J. A. Thompson...
C. J. Marsit
12th Sep 2017 2
Review Bookmark
IPCAPS: an R package for iterative pruning to capture population structure K. Chaichoompu...
K. V. Steen
10th Sep 2017 8
Review Bookmark
Nkx2.5-dependent alterations of the embryonic heart DNA methylome identify novel cis-regulatory elements in cardiac development B. Gorsi...
H. J. Yost
8th Sep 2017 2
Review Bookmark
An integrated analysis of the epigenetic, genetic, and transcriptional patterns associated with outcome across cancer types J. C. Smith, J. M. Sheltzer, 8th Sep 2017 17
Review Bookmark
High-Resolution Dissection of Conducive Reprogramming Trajectory to Ground State Pluripotency A. Zviran...
J. H. Hanna
7th Sep 2017 16
Review Bookmark
Assessment of DNA methylation patterns in the bone and cartilage of a nonhuman primate model of osteoarthritis G. Housman...
A. C. Stone
6th Sep 2017 2
Review Bookmark
Chromatin organization changes during the establishment and maintenance of the postmitotic state Y. Ma, L. Buttitta, 6th Sep 2017 22
Review Bookmark
Glutamine metabolism regulates Th2 cell differentiation via the {alpha}-ketoglutarate-dependent demethylation of histone H3K27 M. Kuwahara...
M. Yamashita
5th Sep 2017 NA
Review Bookmark
Snord116-dependent diurnal rhythm of DNA methylation in mouse cortex R. Coulson...
J. LaSalle
5th Sep 2017 9
Review Bookmark
Glutamine metabolism regulates Th2 cell differentiation via the α-ketoglutarate-dependent demethylation of histone H3K27 M. Kuwahara...
M. Yamashita
5th Sep 2017 2
Review Bookmark
Patterns of gene body methylation predict coral fitness in new environments G. B. Dixon...
M. V. Matz
4th Sep 2017 23
Review Bookmark
A histone acetylome-wide association study of Alzheimer's disease: neuropathology-associated regulatory variation in the human entorhinal cortex S. Marzi...
J. Mill
1st Sep 2017 12
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