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Multi-resolution network modelling of T-cells for precision medicine of multiple sclerosis Gustafsson, Mika 12th Sep 2017 NA
Review Bookmark
Fractional cable equation for general geometry, a model of axons with swellings and anomalous diffusion. E. J. L...
12th Sep 2017 1
Review Bookmark
Deep grey matter volume loss drives disability worsening in multiple sclerosis A. Eshaghi...
O. Ciccarelli
29th Aug 2017 3
Review Bookmark
Brain Abnormality Detection by Deep Convolutional Neural Network. M. Rezaei, C. M. . H. Yang 19th Aug 2017 8
Review Bookmark
Group sequential designs for negative binomial outcomes. T. Mü, Tze, H. S. . E. G. . T. Friede 18th Jul 2017 1
Review Bookmark
The Multiple Sclerosis Genomic Map: Role of peripheral immune cells and resident microglia in susceptibility -. I. M. S. G. Consorti...
P. L. D. Jager
13th Jul 2017 28
Review Bookmark
Quantifying and estimating additive measures of interaction from case-control data. O. H...
M. L. M. . I. K. . T. Olsson
5th Jul 2017 1
Review Bookmark
MIMoSA: A Method for Inter-Modal Segmentation Analysis A. Valcarcel...
R. Shinohara
15th Jun 2017 10
Review Bookmark
Phase Congruency Parameter Optimization for Enhanced Detection of Image Features for both Natural and Medical Applications. S. M. K. Alavi, Y. Zhang 8th May 2017 3
Review Bookmark
Lipid order degradation in autoimmune demyelination probed by polarization resolved coherent Raman microscopy P. Gasecka...
S. Brasselet
4th Feb 2017 7
Review Bookmark
Polygenic analysis of schizophrenia and 19 immune diseases reveals modest pleiotropy J. G. Pouget...
J. Knight
Aug 2016 11
Review Bookmark
Population and individual effects of non-coding variants inform genetic risk factors M. Pala...
S. B. Montgomery
Jul 2016 18
Review Bookmark
NR1H3 p.Arg415Gln is not associated to multiple sclerosis risk I. M. G. Consortium, C. Cotsapas, Jun 2016 84
Review Bookmark
T-cell activation and HLA-regulated response to smoking in the deep airways of patients with multiple sclerosis J. Ockinger...
J. Wahlstrom
Jun 2016 2
Review Bookmark
Genome-wide association study identifies 17 new loci influencing concentrations of circulating cytokines and growth factors A. Ahola-Olli...
O. Raitakari
Mar 2016 8
Review Bookmark
Systematic reviews in paediatric multiple sclerosis and Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease exemplify shortcomings in methods used to evaluate therapies in rare conditions S. Unkel...
T. Friede
Feb 2016 4
Review Bookmark
Expression weighted cell type enrichments reveal genetic and cellular nature of major brain disorders N. G. Skene, S. Grant, Jan 2016 9
Review Bookmark
Relating multi-sequence longitudinal intensity profiles and clinical covariates in new multiple sclerosis lesions E. M. Sweeney...
A. Eloyan
Sep 2015 5
Review Bookmark
Gait Assessment for Multiple Sclerosis Patients Using Microsoft Kinect F. Gholami...
B. Gholami
Aug 2015 1
Review Bookmark
Pathway-based feature selection algorithms identify genes discriminating patients with multiple sclerosis apart from controls L. Zhang...
S. Tian
Aug 2015 2
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