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Deciphering cell lineage specification during male sex determination with single-cell RNA sequencing I. Stevant...
S. Nef
18th Sep 2017 1
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A deep generative model for gene expression profiles from single-cell RNA sequencing. R. Lopez, M. J. . J. R. . N. Yosef 8th Sep 2017 13
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BraCeR: Reconstruction of B-cell receptor sequences and clonality inference from single-cell RNA-sequencing I. Lindeman...
M. J. T. Stubbington
7th Sep 2017 18
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Interpretable dimensionality reduction of single cell transcriptome data with deep generative models J. Ding...
S. P. Shah
1st Sep 2017 23
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Transcriptomes of major renal collecting-duct cell types in mouse identified by single-cell RNA-Seq L. Chen...
M. A. Knepper
31st Aug 2017 9
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Resolution of Reprogramming Transition States by Single Cell RNA-Sequencing L. Guo...
D. Pei
30th Aug 2017 10
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DrImpute: Imputing dropout events in single cell RNA sequencing data I. Kwak...
D. Garry
28th Aug 2017 19
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A probabilistic model-based bi-clustering method for single-cell transcriptomic data analysis S. Cao...
C. Zhang
27th Aug 2017 7
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B-cell receptor reconstruction from single-cell RNA-seq with VDJPuzzle S. Rizzetto...
F. Luciani
26th Aug 2017 22
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Single-cell RNA-seq reveals intrinsic and extrinsic regulatory heterogeneity in yeast responding to stress A. P. Gasch...
M. N. McClean
21st Aug 2017 16
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Targeting individual cells by barcode in pooled sequence libraries N. Ranu...
P. C. Blainey
20th Aug 2017 7
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Single-cell RNA sequencing reveals cell-type specific cis-eQTLs in peripheral blood mononuclear cells M. G. P. v. d. Wijst...
L. H. Franke
17th Aug 2017 34
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Detection and removal of barcode swapping in single-cell RNA-seq data J. A. Griffiths...
J. C. Marioni
16th Aug 2017 27
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scPipe: a flexible data preprocessing pipeline for single-cell RNA-sequencing data L. Tian...
M. E. Ritchie
14th Aug 2017 35
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Identification of functional modules relevant to human neuron maturation and generation of neuron maturity index Z. He, Q. Yu, 10th Aug 2017 4
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DEsingle: A new method for single-cell differentially expressed genes detection and classification Z. Miao, X. Zhang, 9th Aug 2017 13
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Accurate estimation of molecular counts in droplet-based single-cell RNA-seq experiments V. Petukhov...
P. V. Kharchenko
2nd Aug 2017 28 Reviews
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dropClust: Efficient clustering of ultra-large scRNA-seq data D. Sinha...
D. Sengupta
31st Jul 2017 10
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beachmat: a Bioconductor C++ API for accessing single-cell genomics data from a variety of R matrix types A. T. L. Lun...
M. L. Smith
24th Jul 2017 32
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Varying-Censoring Aware Matrix Factorization for Single Cell RNA-Sequencing F. W. Townes...
R. A. Irizarry
21st Jul 2017 103
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