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Targeted Genotyping of Variable Number Tandem Repeats with adVNTR M. Bakhtiari...
V. Bafna
18th Nov 2017 NA
Review Bookmark
Reduced transmission of Mycobacterium africanum compared to Mycobacterium tuberculosis in urban West Africa P. Asare...
D. Yeboah-Manu
21st Oct 2017 NA
Review Bookmark
Evidence of non-tandemly repeated rDNAs and their intragenomic heterogeneity in Rhizophagus irregularis T. Maeda...
M. Kawaguchi
19th Oct 2017 NA
Review Bookmark
Amplification-free, CRISPR-Cas9 Targeted Enrichment and SMRT Sequencing of Repeat-Expansion Disease Causative Genomic Regions Y. Tsai...
T. A. Clark
16th Oct 2017 NA
Review Bookmark
Genome-Wide Mining, Characterization and Development of miRNA-SSRs in Arabidopsis thaliana A. Kumar...
P. K. Gupta
16th Oct 2017 NA
Review Bookmark
The Genetic Chain Rule for Probabilistic Kinship Estimation B. S. Helfer, P. Fremont-Smit, D. O. Ricke 13th Oct 2017 NA
Review Bookmark
Tandem repeats contribute to coding sequence variation in bumblebees (Hymenoptera: Apidae) X. Zhao...
C. Sun
11th Oct 2017 NA
Review Bookmark
Transcriptomic Dynamics of a non-coding trinucleotide repeat expansion disorder SCA12 in iPSC derived neuronal cells: signatures of interferon induced response D. Kumar...
M. Faruq
11th Oct 2017 9
Review Bookmark
Copy number heterogeneity, large origin tandem repeats, and interspecies recombination in HHV-6A and HHV-6B reference strains A. Greninger...
K. R. Jerome
25th Sep 2017 1
Review Bookmark
A duplex MIPs-based biological-computational cell lineage discovery platform L. Tao...
E. Shapiro
21st Sep 2017 8
Review Bookmark
Genetic drivers of repeat expansion disorders localize to 3-D chromatin domain boundaries J. Sun...
J. E. Phillips-Cremins
20th Sep 2017 70
Review Bookmark
Minimizing carry-over PCR contamination in expanded CAG/CTG repeat instability applications L. Aeschbach, V. Dion, 13th Sep 2017 2
Review Bookmark
De novo long-read assembly of a complex animal genome D. Eccles...
J. Ewbank
10th Sep 2017 16
Review Bookmark
Labeling RNAs in live cells using malachite green aptamer scaffolds as fluorescent probes V. S. Yerramilli, K. H. Kim, 9th Aug 2017 11
Review Bookmark
FastID: Extremely Fast Forensic DNA Comparisons D. O. Ricke, 8th Aug 2017 5
Review Bookmark
GrigoraSNPs: Optimized HTS DNA Forensic SNP Analysis D. O. Ricke...
P. Fremont-Smith
8th Aug 2017 3
Review Bookmark
Fast P(RMNE): Fast Forensic DNA Probability of Random Man Not Excluded Calculation D. Ricke, S. Schwartz, 8th Aug 2017 3
Review Bookmark
Linear Assembly of a Human Y Centromere using Nanopore Long Reads M. Jain...
K. H. Miga
31st Jul 2017 149
Review Bookmark
Flexible, multi-use, PCR-based nucleic acid integrity assays based on the ubiquitin C gene M. V. Poucke, L. Peelman, 25th Jul 2017 2
Review Bookmark
Unexpected Properties of Short Genomic Tandem Repeats I. Glotova...
S. Kasif
18th Jul 2017 10
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